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What School Diary offers for Parents and Teachers


Engage parents, one on one or in group, by sending messages in realtime. Notify them instantly via push notifications.


Share class activity pictures, rhyme audio, newsletter PDF and much more easily with parents.


Send realtime messages or schedule your message for future delivery.

Android, iOS, Windows

Widest coverage of supported devices


Capture and share children's attendance information easily with parents.


Never let a parent miss any school event again by keeping her informed. Setup event reminders upto a day before the schedule.


Provide parents a view of their child's daily activities in the day care.

Bus Tracker

Keep parents informed about the school bus' location and its progress in realtime.

Private and Secure

Engage parents one on one and provide each parent a private access to teachers and school.

Online Payments

Provide online fees payment facilities for Parents

Language customization

Support multiple languages


Broadcast important messages to groups


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